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Mosambi | Indian Sweet Lemon Fruit Plant

Mosambi | Indian Sweet Lemon Fruit Plant
Mosambi | Indian Sweet Lemon Fruit Plant
Mosambi | Indian Sweet Lemon Fruit Plant
Mosambi | Indian Sweet Lemon Fruit Plant
Image Of Indian Sweet Lemon Plant:-

Mousambi is a tropical plant. Scientific name Citrus Limetta and belongs to the Rutaceae family.  Now, this fruit is very popular in India. It gives us juicy fruit enrich with vitamin C.

        • Common Name:-  Mousambi, Musambi, Sweet lime, Sweet lemon, Sweet limetta
        • Scientific Name:-   Citrus Limetta
        • Family:-    Rutaceae            
        • Plant Average Height-  20 to 25 feet or more
        • Difficulty label- Easy to grow
        • Sunlight- Full Sun
        • Soil- Normal garden soil
        • Temperature- Normal

         Plant Care

        • Mousambi is a very low maintenance plant.
        • Use well-draining soil.
        • Check soil condition before watering, if dry then watering it.
        • Cut the leaves or branches of mother plant which comes out below the grafting area.
        • Keep the  Musamb plant into full sunlight. 
        • Organic Fertiliser is best for the plant. 


           Dig a pit of 3 feet in square and 3 feet deep. Mix well topsoil with ground soil, add dry cow dung, compost, neem cake, and water. Give it for 4 to 5 days for proper mixing. Then put the plant into the soil.


                 Full sunlight is essential for this plant.


                  After getting a plant please watering properly. Put this plant in an open place keep a distance from sunlight. Then Planting it.


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          Mosambi | Indian Sweet Lemon Fruit Plant
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          What makes it Special:-

          • Grafting Sweet lemon fruit plant gives fruit quickly.
          • Easy to grow and low maintenance required.
          • Very popular for Indian climate
          • Best selling price in India.
          • Use organic fertilizer only.
          • Plant present height more or less 40 to 60 cm.
          • Plant image reference purpose only.
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