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Plumeria or Champa Live Plant

Plumeria or  Champa Live Plant

    Plumeria is a genus of flowering plants in the family Apocynaceae. Most species are deciduous shrubs or small trees. It is famous for their gorgeous flowers which are used to make leis (floral garlands).
        • Common Name:-   Frangipani, Hawaiian Lie, 
        • Scientific Name:-   Plumeria Rubara
        • Family:-    Apocynaceae             
        • Difficulty label- Easy to grow
        • Sunlight- Full Sun
        • Soil- Normal garden soil
        • Water- Moderately
        • Temperature- Normal

         Plant Care:-

        • Plumeria is a very low maintenance plant.
        • Use well-draining soil.
        • Check soil condition before watering, if dry then watering it.
        • Cut the leaves or branches of the mother plant which comes out below the grafting area.
        • Keep the Plumeria plant into full sunlight. 
        • Organic Fertiliser is best for the plant. 


           Dig a pit of 3 feet in square and 3 feet deep.   Mix well topsoil with ground soil, add dry cow dung, compost, neem cake, and water. Give it for 4 to 5 days for proper mixing.  Then put the plant into the soil.


                 Full sunlight is essential for this plant.


                  After getting a plant please water it properly. Put this plant in an open place keep a distance from sunlight. Then Planting it.


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          Plumeria or Champa Live Plant
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