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Adenium / Desert Rose (Grafted) Plant

 Adenium / Desert Rose (Grafted) Plant

Know About Adenium Or Desert Rose:-

  • Common Name:-   Adenium or Desert Rose
  • Scientific Name:-    Adenium Obesum
  • Family Name-    Apocynaceae
    Adenium is a flowering plant. It is a succulent bush that is found more commonly in Arabia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Africa. Adenium’s caudex looks like a bonsai so it is also frequently used as a bonsai plant as it can be easily grown in various types of containers like flat, round square, and another shape which is available in the local market. . Adenium is also called as the Desert rose.

Adenium Plant Care:-

  •  Adenium is a very low maintenance plant.
  • Use a well-draining potting mix.
  • Everyday watering is not required.
  •  In the rainy season put this plant into a shed otherwise adenium plant may be rotten or infected by fungus.
  •  If you do not water it more than 8 to 10 days all caudex are going to dry when you watering it then caudex is back to its own shape.
  • Check soil condition before watering, if dry then watering it.
  • Cut the leaves or branches of mother plant which comes out below the grafting area.
  • Keep adenium plant into full sunlight minimum 5 to 6 hrs or more.
  • Spray fungicide 3 to 4 times in a month. 
  • Must check soil conditions and Climate at your area before watering.
  • Organic Fertiliser is best otherwise use water-soluble NPK. 


       Full sunlight and waterproof but sunlight transparent shed are essential for this plant. (Shed is required for bulk quantity plant).On rainy days you put this plant into the normal shed and keep a distance from rainwater.


    Organic Fertilizer is the best for every plant. When you make potting mix put some compost or leaf mold, it works well. However, in the flowering season, you may add low nitrogen content NPK  like 10.15.15 in a very small amount that is 8 to 10  granules dissolved in water apply once in a week.

To Get Big Caudex:-

       To obtaining big caudex grow plants that are made from seeds. But our all plants grown from seed then are grafted. Repot the plant every year in a bigger pot with keeping the caudex one inch higher. However, for getting fatty caudex you have to prune the plant once or twice in a year.

Growing Media For Adenium:-

       It varies from place to place depending on the availability of the component materials. Whatever the potting mix maybe it should be well-drained and sufficiently porous. The soil should not hold much water, otherwise, root rot will occur. The potting mix may contain - Sand, Gravel, Garden soil, Charcoal, Coco peat, leaf mold, Vermiculite, etc.

What To Do After Getting  Plant:-

        After getting a plant please check soil or coco peat moisture condition before watering. Put this plant in open sunlight. spray water-soluble fungicide on the plant. 

Adenium picture:-

adenium flower image

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Adenium / Desert Rose (Grafted) Plant
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What makes it Special:-

  • Grafting the Adenium plant gives flowers quickly.
  • Easy to grow and low maintenance required.
  • Best bonsai looking flowering plant.
  • Very popular for Indian climate
  • Various colors of Adenium available.
  • Use Ornamental purpose Only.
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